Deluxe intricate is an eCommerce website, where Vendors meet with affiliates and Customers. It is one outstanding eCommerce where you could Buy top quality and affordable products via the marketplace, with discounts and fast delivery to your doorstep.

  • first go to fund wallet (you can fund manually once you are funding with other currencies other than Naira or having issue with the automatic method).
  • Select your preferred item from the site and pay with the funded wallet.
  • All products in the marketplace are owned by various  vendors. Once you purchase items from there, always make sure to mark PRODUCT DELIVERED through the cart button.
  • First  upgrade your account with (N18,500) in order to get your referral link. The upgrade also serve as your affiliate registration.
  • Once your referee/prospect, (someone you referred to the site)  sign up with your link, from that point on, whatever they purchase in our website (deluxeintricate) you will keep earning commission from their transactions. This process is continuous and no ending. Once they purchase any product, our system will allocate a commission for you from that transaction.
  • Affiliate Marketers will only need to share their referral link to their prospect to signup & purchase whatever product they want in the site. Or the particular product that affiliates refer them to buy. You will get  affiliate commission for every product your prospect purchase, even without you giving them product link over and over again. every time your prospect want to purchase any product from the site, with this new method, as an affiliate you keep earning from your prospect once they sign up with your referral link. Affiliate marketers, never worry about giving their prospects, product links every time or even looking for new prospect to sell product/affiliate products to. This method will keep your customers and grow your earnings because even when they have bought your product, they will also want to buy other things from this site.  
  • You could list your products in our marketplace either digital or physical products.
  • As a Physical Product Vendor, you can always UPLOAD your  products any given time and also set their prices. You could also set percentage for affiliate commissions for those affiliate marketers that want to market your products for you, while you only deliver the product to customers. 
  • As a Digital Product Vendor, you can set your product up for affiliate marketers to promote your product.
  • All VENDORS and AFFILIATE MKERTERS get paid every Friday.

Here are the commission you will get per sales/product as an affiliate marketer at Deluxeintricate.

  • Market place- You will earn between 25% to 90% commission per product.
  • Data Subscription- You will earn N30 commission per a gig subscribed 
  • Buy Airtime- You will earn 2% commission 
  • Pay Bills- You will earn cut N50 commission per recharge made.
  • Print Recharge Card – You will get 0.005% commission per printing
  • Print Recharge Card VIP licenses  – You will earn 25% commission